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I am a hairdresser by trade, but I have enjoyed creating other art as well. This is a page where I can share the items I have created with my fellow humans. 

I purchase many of the images that I use, and upload them into different programs in order to create the item. Programs I use are, Procreate, Photshop, Silhouette Studio and Design Space. If you have an image you would like, and you own it I can usually make it into a usable file. Depending on the format. 

Vinyl: created on my Silhouette Cameo, or my Cricut Machine. This can be done in adhesive, or heat transfer. Vinyl can be added to tumblers, cups, glass, shirts, and many other surfaces. This is great for more simple designs. 

Sublimation: This is an ink that it infused into polyester fabrics or other blanks. These blanks are specifically designed to accept the ink. Great for images and Logos. Can be done in many colors on one item. 

Resin: The epoxy resin that I use is safe to drink out of after 72 hours. So once I finish the last layer, I will wait before I ship. This helps guard against damage that can occur in shipping. These types of Items take days to make, turn around time can vary. 

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